5 Thoughts for Selling Time share Now and Buying Time share – And Yes, Consider the Resale Market

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With summer vacations among us, vacationers are gearing up for another round of selling time share now and buying time share now opportunities.  Following are some thoughts to keep in mind when you are looking at buying or selling a time share.

First, no deal is only good for one day…if you are sensing a sales person is telling you that the price is only good for that day, don’t succumb to the pressure, because the same deal will be there the next day and the day after that. 

Secondly, have a clear understanding of what you are setting out to accomplish, and not what you don’t want to happen.  Not all selling time share now and buy a time share now experiences are the same, so it makes sense to research the different types available. Timeshare salespeople are trained to present specific timeshare as the best option to your vacation objectives.  Only you can decide what type of timeshare will offer a worthwhile and memorable experiences.   

Thirdly, and one of the more important pieces of fact…know and utilize many Exchange programs.  Be sure to consider the associated costs with being affiliated and exchange program, but there are many other exchange options that may offer the experience you are looking for, other than the RCI’s and Interval International’s of the world.  Timeshare resorts are usually affiliated with either Interval International (II) or Resort Condominiums International (RCI). Resort representatives will talk a great deal about how you can exchange or trade your timeshare for a great property elsewhere in the world using one of these programs, but what you’ll be missing is that you are not always limited to using only one. There are a multitude of other exchange companies that can offer great benefits and services.

Fourth thing to consider; resort developers make Most of their money on the financing of time share ownership. The resort/developer has many convenient options for financing, and many look enticing, but overall the average interest is 15.9 percent.  Also, if you are relegated to financing, ask if there is a penalty for pre-paying the timeshare mortgage. If there is, strongly consider alternatives; 15.9 percent over 10 years can add more than $20,000 to the cost of the timeshare.  Remember, selling time share now and buying a time share should be done within your disposable income budget.

Lastly, and certainly one of the more important features to know; buying direct from the Resort you choose to own at is not your only option.  In fact, the time share resale sector is a viable channel to selling time share now and buying time share now; and in many cases buying time from the resale market will save you thousands and thousands of dollars.  In most cases, there’s no such thing as a new or used timeshare. Timeshares on the legitimate resale market do not change your ownership rights, or void you of someting you may have gotten from buying direct.  There are some important questions to ask however when dealing with the resale market, so again, do your homework and be sure to deal with companies that have a dedicated team of buyer specialists; this is a group that has a pure focus on finding buyers for owners who are selling time share now, but also have a strong web presence for advertising a time share you may wish to sell.

Time share Title Transfer

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Timeshare title is the legal key to ownership of a time share.  When time share consumers begin the process of buying or selling a time share, the title procedure can be complex, and in some cases confusing.  There are various ownership rights as well as transfer privileges or lack there of when it comes to time share titles.  Buyers and sellers should both be aware that some membership rights do not transfer.  If you are considering buying a timeshare you will need to consider the value in ownership rights as well as the resale restrictions versus the cost savings of buying from the increasngly popular resale market.  Also consider title and deeding costs in states such as Florida where there is normally around a $350 to $500 title transfer charge, depending on the sale price and if a title policy is requested.  Despite the complexities and severity of a complete and accurate title transfer there are companies that specialize in time share title transfer.  Whether you are interested in Disney Vacation Club, Marriott, Wyndham, Westgate, Westin, Hyatt and Hilton Grand Vacations Club, or any of the thousands of timeshare resorts around the world, TransferATimeshareTitle.com will help you resell or purchase timeshares, points-based vacation clubs, travel clubs, fractional and shared ownership, or even private residence clubs, from around the world.

In addition to time share title transfer rights, another issue that seems to cause confusion with time share resort ownership is the resorts season designations.  Be sure your closing agent verifies the season info with time share a calendar, or simply by checking the inventoried week for deeding purposes.

How To Get Your Timeshare Sold Now

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We have the team of professionals to get you selling your timeshare now! With over 10 years of experience in the timeshare resale industry our company will provide you with the marketing power necessary to attracts more buyers and renters worldwide!   We are the definitive experts on how to get your timeshare sold as fast as possible with the timeshare resale market becoming more popular with timeshare consumers every year.  Our services will ensure that your timeshare property is seen by thousands of potential buyers on a daily basis.  Our company utilizes the latest in search engine optimization and invests in multimedia marketing campaigns, television and news ads, newspaper and magazines advertising and direct mail and billboard too!

If you are tired of waiting for results, fill out the Free Info Kit to receive more information on how to get involved with the latest method of timeshare vacationing.  Our company specializes in all aspects of vacation property and timeshare resales.  We have teamed up with a number of companies dedicated to providing you with a proactive way to sell your property fast.  With an experienced legal department you can be certain that your property will be transferred quickly, effectively and correctly.  Our services have worked for hundreds of thousands for owners selling timeshares at Hilton Grand Vacations, Wyndham, Marriott, Bluegreen and many more resort locations, around the world.

Many people who have tried to sell their timeshares, either through another company or by themselves, often find they are unsuccessful in finding a buyer.  The truth is that the more people that know your timeshare is for sale, the faster is will sell.  Our cutting-edge innovations are changing the way people buy and sell their timeshare ownerships by making it even more convenient to sell properties online.  Now you can sell a timeshare and know that anyone searching the internet for a timeshare at your resort will find your listing quickly and easily.  The difference between us and the rest is the aggressive strategies we use to market your property.

Your timeshare listing is promoted across 58 websites to gain maximum exposure for your property.  Our customer services department is well-trained and offers honest advice regarding the current market price for your property and helpful suggestions for building your advertisement.  Over a decade of industry experience means that we know the strong selling points for your specific property.  We build you your every own full-page advertisement with any links, comments, or additional information that will help to sell your timeshare now.  This listing will feature various pictures, a resort profile, unit information, and a description emphasizing the unique characteristics of your resort property.   Your ad will feature button for the potential buyer to make an offer or ask a questions.  Your page even includes a Live Chat option for they can connect with a representative for immediate answers.

Once an offer is placed on your timeshare, one of our Buyer Specialists will contact the potential buyer to verify that the offer is legitimate.  Any serious offers will be presented for you to accept, decline or counter-offer.  If you accept the offer we will refer the buyer to a financing office of necessary.  You will be directed to our affiliated closing company.  You will keep all of the funds from the sale provided you are current with the resort.  As the owner you will not have to pay any closing costs or commission when you sell your timeshare now!